The Pavilion restoration progress report 4

This is Ken and Julian from KRM Contractors who did much of the initial structural restoration work including replacing internal timbers, the windows and the roof.

They were followed by the owner of the Halfway House Sean Saward together with Nellie (a close friend of his from Cambridge) who spent two weeks in May 2019 together working flat out on the Pavilion restoration project both on the inside and the outside.

The work on the inside was then continued by Josh, Ste and Rich who also did a fantastic job during June but it was hard back breaking work especially when painting the ceiling and the beams…..

The hard work has been visible for all to see since then. It looks stunning from the outside and makes you feel like you are in a tree house once you are inside it.

We have just had the electrical work completed so we are now nearly ready to open it up so we can welcome you all in there. But in case you had forgotten what it initially looked like at the beginning of the restoration work here it is…..

You are looking straight at where we now have great windows overlooking the view 😊.

The Pavilion restoration progress report 2

KRM Contractors have continued to do a fabulous job for us. Their first job was to repair the roof, insulate it and replace the corrugated metal sheets with new ones where it was needed.

We want the Pavilion to be well insulated so it is warm for our customers to sit in.

So here it is a brand new shiny roof. We now just need to get it painted!

The second major job was to work on the far end of the building. You can see from the pictures below that all the damaged sheets had to come off.

This side was then insulated and all the damaged sheets replaced with new ones before three new windows were put in.

Once the scaffold comers off we are sure there is now going to be a great view from inside the Pavilion. The photo below gives an indication of this.

Pavilion restoration progress report 1

The restoration project has now been underway for four weeks. Prior to the work starting we had to get four bird and bat boxes in place as this was one of the conditions of the planning application. This was carried out by Josh Hodnett who is doing some great jobs for us at the Halfway House

Sean came up and cleared out the Pavilion in a day thanks to help from a couple of his friends – you can see from the photos below there is now quite a lot of space!

The restoration work is being undertaken by KRM contractors who know the site well having done a lot of work on the house in the past with Sean. Once the scaffold was in place work could get underway.