COVID-19. Impact upon our business.

The kiosk at the Halfway House will be open at weekends and during school holidays from mid May 2021 onwards. Please support our fundraising venture to try to acquire the Halfway House as a community asset (click on the fund raising site link above to learn more)

Our leaflet below shows that we had planned to have on offer in 2020. Given the current situation (May 2021) we are now offering the pavilion for private use only (for further information on this see our Halfway House opening hours page).

Thanks to some of our wonderful supporters we now have a defibrillator available at the Halfway House all the time. They are shown in the photo below and were (from left to right): Mike Sabini, Karen Whitehead (KEW Accountants), Mark Eccleston, Nick Freeman (Telford First Responders), Lynda Sabini and Caroline Freeman. Three other local organisations (Lawley Running Club, Wrekin Road Runners and one local company) and Andy Parkes also contributed to our defib costs but were unable to come on the day. Photo credit: Di Freeman and Telford First Responders.


Friends of the Wrekin

An independent ‘Friends of the Wrekin’ Group was established in 2020. We would love people who visit the Wrekin for recreational, sport, leisure, hobbies, pleasure to sign up to be a member of a group which aims to retain this beautiful landscape for people to use for generations to come. Please complete the below form and read the constitution we have set up. Your support and input is vital to this wonderful landmark.

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We currently prefer Contactless payment (including Android and Apple Pay) at our kiosk.



The Wrekin has been a local and tourist location for many decades and offers fabulous views, walks and exercise.

If you are planning an event on the Wrekin and would like to use the Halfway House as a base or you know there will be a large number of people wanting to stop to get refreshments or to sit down can you please contact us.

Planned Events in 2021

by the Halfway House on the Wrekin Community Interest Company (CIC)

Thursday 28th October 1.30-4pm Afternoon tea in our pavilion (pre-booked tickets only) at £10 per adult and £7.50 per child. Ticket price includes a tour of the house and a chance to look at our history display of the Halfway House (which includes items found within the grounds and information on its past inhabitants) put together by Amy Joy. Tickets can be obtained by sending an email to info@halfwayhouseonthewrekin.com

Past Events 2021

Tuesday 26th October 11am-3pm Dog Photo Shoot.

Sunday 24th October 1.30-4pm Afternoon tea in the pavilion

Quiz Evening 15th August 2021 from 4pm 

Open House Evenings from 5pm-7pm  ‘drop in’ every evening from the 17th to the 21st August. 

Past 2020 Events

Mike Williams from Butterfly Conservation West Midlands  joined us for a spring tidy up on 11th March. It took place both in our pollinator garden and in our wider grounds to encourage more wild flowers to grow.







Supported through the AONB Conservation Fund, by the Shropshire Hills AONB Trust


Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd February CPR and Defib training

Two drop in CPR and defibrillator training sessions were run at the Halfway House by Telford First Responders. Many people dropped in and gave it a go in our pavilion and some even tried it at the top of the Wrekin despite the changing weather conditions.

CPR-and-defib-team-train.jpg      cpr-hilltop-session.jpg 

Our vegetarian and vegan food supplier Molly also ran her pop-up kitchen at the same time which was well appreciated by many who enjoyed her wonderful food.






Monday 17th February Drop in Painting of Rocks and Geology session

This was jointly run by Caroline Freeman (Rock Painting) and Andrew Jenkinson (Geology) with lots of rocks being painted and some adults learning a lot more about the Geology of the Wrekin.

                                06-28-17-Rocks-2-tle-1100x619.jpg      The-Wrekin-from-south-Shropshires-iconic-viewpoint-1.jpg



Supported through the AONB Conservation Fund, by the Shropshire Hills AONB Trust


2019 Past Events

On Saturday 7th December  Richard Thomason ran a Christmas Willow Workshop for us. This was very popular with positive feedback from all the participants.

IMG-20191208-WA00001.jpg  IMG-20191207-WA00041.jpg  IMG-20191207-WA00061.jpg

On Sunday 1st December we held a Christmas lights switch on event – special food and drink were available and a number of the people were present who have helped to make the Halfway House what it is now. The Wellington Mayor Anthony Lowe  officiated and we had our very own Father Christmas present for the first time. Our tree (which we obtained from the local Raby Estate who were kind enough to deliver it to us) looked fantastic.

  Anthony.jpg     PC010339.jpg    IMG-20191201-WA0004.jpg

On Saturday 30th November a Children’s bird activity drop in session was run by the Halfway House team

Children had a chance to come and make their own bird feeder to hang in their garden, complete a bird focused treasure hunt and identify some of the birds we regularly see in our garden such as our regular robin visitors

P1160620.JPG    bird-feeder-photo.jpg

Thursday 31st October – A Children’s Halloween activity session was run by the Halfway house Team. This was very successful and we plan to run more similar events in the future (see above).


Tuesday 29th October – Children’s Woodland Art Session was hosted by The Art Lady – The Wrekin is a great place for looking at all sorts of trees, which provide great inspiration for art. The autumn is a great time to focus on the leaves on the ground. The session was a great success and we are hoping to run similar events with the Art Lady in the future


Saturday 19th October – Halloween broomstick Willow Workshop was led by Richard Thomason  where participants enjoyed making mini witches besom brooms. We aim to repeat this next year.

 IMG-20191019-WA0014.jpg        IMG-20191019-WA0009.jpg

6th August – A drop in learning about pollinators session took place in the garden of the Halfway House with David Green together with a craft activity for children led by Amy Joy. During this event many pollinating insects were recorded in the garden including 14 hoverflies, 7 bees, 8 butterflies and 3 moths. A species list of what has been planted in the new part of the garden behind the information board is now available at the kiosk.


Supported through the AONB Conservation Fund, by the Shropshire Hills AONB Trust





July 14th – the Moth breakfast at the Halfway house followed by a walk to identify butterflies and moths on the Wrekin was led by Mike Williams from the West Midlands Branch of Butterfly Conservation. If you are interested in helping with any future moth trapping sessions at the Halfway House please let Jenny know. jenny@halfwayhouseonthewrekin.com

wrekin-moth.jpg HWH-peacock.jpg

Supported through the AONB Conservation Fund, by the Shropshire Hills AONB Trust





July 6th – A willow craft session making flowers, fish and snails was led by Richard Thomason from Small Woods and enjoyed by all.

willow-flower.jpg    IMG-20190707-WA0006.jpg    IMG-20190707-WA0003.jpg

Supported through the AONB Conservation Fund, by the Shropshire Hills AONB Trust





On Sunday 17 February the Halfway House ran an information session on Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Feed the Birds’ project. This is a ground-breaking approach to helping people who are lonely and/or socially isolated to get closer to nature by feeding the birds in their garden with the help of a volunteer. This session was led by one of the project’s long term volunteers, Jenny Petch, who provided general advice about feeding birds and how you can become involved with this project in the Telford area.

CJ Wildlife has been sponsoring bird feeders at the Halfway House for the past 12 months. These can be seen at the back of the house and are proving to be very popular with local birds.


2018 Events on the Wrekin

Wrekin Relay Challenge

  Photos courtesy of the Wrekin Relay Challenge Team


Halloween Activities at the Halfway House


Christmas willow workshop at the Halfway House 

Participants were able to weave their own willow Christmas trees, reindeer, stars and wreaths at this workshop  led by willow crafter Richard Thomason.


The property has been a favourite resting place for generations of walkers visiting one of Shropshire’s most famous landmarks. Located roughly halfway up the steep trek to the summit of The Wrekin, over the years, this former Hunting Lodge has been a popular stopping off point for Wrekin ramblers with a café selling hot and cold drinks and snacks for those looking for a refuel and a stop to enjoy the views and re-energise.

The Georgian property sits on a two-acre plot that includes a former dance and dining Pavillion, an outdoor seating area and extensive grounds Over the years many walkers have called in for cups of tea and a former operator made the place famous for a delicious plate of ham & eggs. The Halfway House has also been the perfect place to get a bacon butty with ice cream for the children.

Over the past few years the renovation has been a real passion project for owner Sean Saward who used to love stopping off at the house when he lived in Trench more than 40 years ago. During this time Sean has met many visitors who are really fond of the House and really keen that it reopens with a new wider remit. Now he can finally see the first phase of his project almost complete. The shop/kiosk at the back of the 300-year-old house will be manned for longer more regular hours with a wider variety of food and drink on offer. The main photo of the Halfway House on this site was taken by John Hammond while he was staying with a relative in the area. Thank you to John for allowing us to use his photo.

We obtained planning permission to turn the old pavilion back into an indoor seating area. The photo below shows the pavilion in its heyday.  This restoration work is now completed and we opened it up to the public for the first time at the end of October 2019 (see the refurbished room below) so our visitors have somewhere warm to sit whatever the weather. 

The old pavilion in its heyday….

The pavilion early 2019…..


The pavilion December 2019……


With new chandeliers and windows that have a fantastic view…..


Opening Hours for the Halfway House

The Halfway House opening hours for this coming weekend are as follows:

Saturday 27th November: 11.30am – 4pm

Sunday 28th November: 11am – 4pm

Please note these 2 days are effectively a closing down sale where we hope to sell off most of our current stock. All ice creams, cakes and cold drinks will be priced at £1 and crisps/sweets at 50p. All hot drinks/soups at £2 each no matter what size.

The Halfway House on the Wrekin Community Interest Company still hope to acquire the Halfway House as a community asset and will be continuing to try to raise the funds in order to be able to do this.


If you have any question, suggestions or need more information please Email Jenny.

Please find the time to locate where we are and plan a visit. Make sure you check out opening times and the weather conditions. There are some fabulous walks around us.